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Antonio Zavatteri nel cast di THE MIRACLE, TRUST ed il Nuovo film di Carlo Verdone

Dopo aver partecipato al nuovo film di Carlo Verdone “BENEDETTA FOLLIA”, Antonio Zavatteri si divide tra altri due set: “THE MIRACLE”, la serie scritta e diretta da Niccoló Ammaniti, Lucio…

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“POKER by Patrick Marber” directed by Antonio Zavatteri -Teatro Parioli Roma

From 24 OCTOBER to 5 NOVEMBER 2017 POKER by Patrick Marber Francesco Montanari and Compagnia Gank Set and Costume design Laura Benzi Directed by Antonio Zavatteri . With Massimo Brizi, ASH Alberto Giusta, SWEENEY Francesco Montanari,…

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I was born in Turin, Italy, and then in 1991 I moved to Genoa to study at Teatro Stabile di Genova, a prestigious acting school in the north of Italy. >> I have been living in between Genoa and Roma for the past 25 years working for several national theatres with various directors: Benno Besson, Matthias Langhoff, Marco Sciaccaluga, Alfredo AriasAndrea De Rosa, Luca Ronconi>> After that I began to direct some plays: Molière’s DON GIOVANNI, DEALER’S CHOICE by Patrick Marber, MOTORTOWN by Simon Stephens, THOM PAIN (based on nothing) by Will Eno, and others>> In the last few years I also got involved in various film and television works: Sky Atlantic tv shows 1992 and GOMORRAH- THE SERIES; on Netflix SENSE8 directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski; I worked in MIA MADRE by Nanni Moretti, BACIAMI ANCORA by Gabriele Muccino, IO E LEI by Maria Sole TognazziUN GIORNO SPECIALE by Francesca Comencini, ZOOLANDER 2 by Ben Stiller.


  • BENEDETTA FOLLIA directed by Carlo Verdone

  • ASFISSIA directed by Luca Tornatore

  • IL MANGIATORE DI PIETRE – directed by Nicola Bellucci

  • ZOOLANDER 2 directed by Ben Stiller

  • PECORE IN ERBA directed by Alberto Caviglia

  • IO E LEI directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi

  • MIA MADRE directed by Nanni Moretti

  • BANANA – directed by Andrea Jublin

  • I MILIONARI directed by Alessandro Piva

  • UN GIORNO SPECIALE – directed by Francesca Comencini

  • E’ NATA UNA STAR? – directed by Lucio Pellegrini

  • DIAZ – DON’T CLEAN UP THIS BLOOD – directed by Daniele Vicari

  • IL GIOIELLINO – directed by Andrea Molaioli

  • BACIAMI ANCORA – directed by Gabriele Muccino

  • LA PRIMA LINEA – directed by Renato De Maria

  • ARRIVEDERCI AMORE, CIAO – directed by Michele Soavi

  • GUIDO CHE SFIDO’ LE BRIGATE ROSSE – directed by Giuseppe Ferrara


  • TRUST – directed by Danny Boyle

  • THE MIRACLE – directed by L. Pellegrini, F. Munzi, N. Ammaniti

  • SENSE 8 – directed by Lana Wachowski

  • GEOGRAFENS TESTAMENTE (Swedish National Tv) – directed by Henrik Ahnborg

  • TUTTO PUO’ SUCCEDERE – directed by Lucio Pellegrini

  • NON UCCIDERE – directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi

  • GOMORRAH – THE SERIES – directed by Stefano Sollima

  • 1992 – directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi

  • LE MANI DENTRO LA CITTA’ – directed by Alessandro Angelini

  • BENVENUTI A TAVOLA 2 – directed by Lucio Pellegrini

  • R.I.S. ROMA 3 – directed by Francesco Micciché

  • DISTRETTO DI POLIZIA 9 – directed by Alberto Ferrari

  • KAROL – directed by Giacomo Battiato

  • CUORE CONTRO CUORE – directed by Riccardo Mosca

  • CAMERA CAFFE’ – directed by Christophe Sanchez

  • DISTRETTO DI POLIZIA 4  directed by Monica Vullo


  • CARAMELLE (web series) – directed by Daniela Borsese

  • FARE THEE WELL – directed by Mattia Venturi

  • VERA – directed by Davide Bini

  • VISTO COME SIETE FORTUNATI? – directed by Yuri Rossi


  • HUSBANDS AND WIVES Woody Allen (Gabe) – directed by Monica Guerritore

  • GYULA – directed by Fulvio Pepe

  • IVANOV Chechov (Lebedev)directed by Filippo Dini

  • THE BOURGEOISE GENTLEMAN Molière – directed by Filippo Dini

  • OTHELLO Shakespeare (Iago) – directed by Carlo Sciaccaluga

  • THE WOODS Mamet (Nick) – directed by Elena Arvigo

  • CYRANO DE BERGERAC Rostand (Cyrano) – directed by Sciaccaluga/ Alfonso

  • TARTUFFE Molière (Cleante) – directed by Marco Sciaccaluga

  • DEALER’S CHOICE P. Marber (Mugsy) – directed by Antonio Zavatteri

  • IL GIOCO DEI RE L. Viganò (Capablanca) – directed by Marco Sciaccaluga

  • LA MACCHINA DEI DESIDERI G. Rappa (Sindaco) – directed by Giampiero Rappa

  • THE TEMPEST Shakespeare (Stefano) – directed by Valerio Binasco

  • WHAT THE BUTLER SAW Orton (Rance) – directed by Giorgio Gallione

  • THE SCHOOL OF WIVES Molière (Notaio) – directed by Marco Sciaccaluga

  • DON JUAN Molière (Don Giovanni) – directed by Antonio Zavatteri

  • MOTORTOWN S. Stephens (Paul) – directed by Antonio Zavatteri

  • ROMEO AND JULIET Shakespeare (Capulet) – directed by Valerio Binasco

  • MEASURE FOR MEASURE (Escalo) di Shakespeare – directed by Marco Sciaccaluga

  • EXILES Joyce (Richard Rowan) – directed by Marco Sciaccaluga

  • THE COFFEE SHOP Goldoni (Don Marzio) – directed by Antonio Zavatteri

  • KLAMM’S WAR Kay Hensel (Klamm) – directed by Filippo Dini

  • SPOON RIVER Lee Master/De André – directed by Giorgio Gallione

  • THE MISANTHROPE Molière (Alceste) – directed by Alberto Giusta

  • MARIA STUART Shiller (Lord Burleigh) – directed by Andrea De Rosa

  • AMPHYTRION Molière (Sosia) – directed by Antonio Zavatteri

  • DUST TO DUST R.Farquhar (Henry) – directed by Flavio Parenti

  • THE DUMBWAITER H.Pinter (Ben) – directed by Giusta/Zavatteri

  • GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS Mamet (Levene) – directed by Alberto Giusta

  • LA CENTAURA G.B.Andreini – directed by Luca Ronconi

  • THE ALCHEMIST Ben Jonson (Surly) – directed by Jurij Ferrini

  • PHILOKTET  H.Muller (Ulisse) – directed by Matthias Langhoff

  • MEASURE FOR MEASURE Shakespeare (Angelo) – directed by Jurij Ferrini

  • MOJO MICKYBO O. McCafferty – directed by Jurij Ferrini

  • THE INSPECTOR GENERAL di Gogol (Bobcinsky) – directed by Matthias Langhoff

  • WINTER’S TALE Shakespeare (Autolycus) – directed by Jurij Ferrini

  • HAMLET Shakespeare – directed by Benno Besson

  • RICHARD III Shakespeare (Richard) – directed by A. Cvjetkovic

  • SAVED (Pete) – directed by A. Cvjetkovic


  • THOM PAIN- Based on nothing Will Eno – Compagnia Gank

  • LE PRÉNOM – What’s in a name De La Patellière/ Delaporte – Teatro Stabile di Genova

  • DEALER’S CHOICE P. Marber – Teatro Stabile di Genova

  • DON JUAN Molière – Compagnia Gank

  • MOTORTOWN S. Stephens – Teatro Stabile di Genova

  • THE COFFEE SHOP Goldoni – Compagnia Gank

  • AMPHYTRION Molière – Compagnia Gank

  • THE DUMBWAITER H.Pinter – Compagnia Gank

  • HAMLET Shakespeare – Compagnia Gank



directed by Alberto Caviglia


directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi


directed by Nanni Moretti


directed by Andrea Jublin


directed by Lana Wachowski


directed by Stefano Sollima


directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi


directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi


directed by Monica Guerritore

IVANOV, Anton Cechov

directed by Filippo Dini

LE PRÉNOM, Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patelliére

directed by Antonio Zavatteri

CYRANO, Edmond Rostand

directed by Carlo Sciaccaluga, Matteo Alfonso


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